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Retul Bike Fit

Why get a bike fit?

A bike fit can help you accomplish many goals. It can provide comfort, optimization, prevent injuries and increase performance. Having the correct position on the bike keeps you aligned, therefore preventing injuries. No matter your level or riding, maintaining comfort on your bike is crucial for longevity and performance. Both of these combined not only keep you safe and comfortable but will lead to increased performance in your training and riding experience.

retul fit specialized bike fitting service

What is Retül Bike Fit?

A Retul Bike Fit is more than just a bike fit. It’s a way to learn about your body, the root cause of your aches and pains and also how a proper fit will help you optimize your performance and help you to achieve all of your cycling goals. Your Retul Fitter will take you through a detailed 4 step process from personal history, 3D capture, data analysis and then completion of adjustments.

By placing eight LED markers on various points on your body, Scott, your Retul Certified Fitter, can analyze your subtle movements. This is done with 3D motion capture technology. Using the information collected, Scott will adjust your bike down to the millimeter for your needs thus providing you with the most optimal riding position.

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If the Shoe Fits

For maximum power transfer on the road or trail and for exceptional comfort on a spin bike, we recommend clipless cycling shoes and pedals. With stiffer soles and the ability to click into and out of your pedal system easily, cycling shoes make your ride and your workout more efficient, more effective, and more comfortable. Never get stuck in a toe cage again!